Training at Aacharya Academy

NDA Exa Prepation Training at Aacharya Academy

Our training start with the theme “ Start where the students are and take where they should be “.
This not only gives them the new aspects of the same concepts but also gives idea how to learn ; how to read between the lines.

Aacharya Academy conduct non academic preparation for SSB

The syllabus of NDA has all subjects like Maths, Science, Social science and English and we get only one year to complete all that.

Training batch of Aacharya Academy

The preparation is in subjective and objective both type keeping the target of board exams as well as competitive exams of NDA.

English speaking course

Along with academic preparation we conduct non academic preparation for SSB also.

Hence we start early in the month of May after 10th so that sufficient time can be given for the preparation.

Writtenexam conceptual foundation

For written exam we develop conceptual foundation with logical and analytical approach. Strong logic develops ideas of application of concepts for solving problems ; it develops ability to understand twist in a problem and speed techniques to solve the problem in less time. Logic development develops reasoning ability which is one of the officer like quality tested at SSB.

Mathematics is the way of developing and testing many points of military aptitude. Hence it has lots of importance in written test. It has 300 marks separate Maths test. We have personnel attention facility for Maths. our focus is on conceptual foundations which leads to problem solving ability and stamina of solving problems which are the important parts of Military aptitude.

Vocabulary development
Students giving speech in English

English is second important subject of this exam. We focus at English grammar , spoken part, vocabulary development. This helps students in handling variety of questions in written exam. We have 36 session well developed English speaking course . It helps students in building the foundations of sentence constructions and grammatical fundas . We work on various parts of English for fluency in English.

Activities conducted at Aacharya Academy

The number of activities conducted at Aacharya Academy provides the necessary platform for the development of abilities required during the group tests at SSB. The sense of achievement and competitive spirits is very important in the preparation for competitive exams and that is well achieved at Aacharya Academy.

We believe that every new batch comes with new exposure till their school education and hence it comes with new challenges for us . Thus it keeps us live and we keep upgrading our programme to meet the new requirements which results in increase of students success in exams. We have hostel lite and day border programme. Also full time and part time schedules to meet every students maximum needs.

Training parts

The training has Four parts :

  • 1st part - 11th + NDA coaching ( conceptual foundation )
  • 2nd Part - 12th + NDA revision ( Speed techniques achievement )
  • 3rd Part - Self revision Paper management practice
  • 4th part - Final preparation

The 1st part helps to change the thought process of student. It gives the new vision of solving questions. Ability of self study increases. At this stage we expect student to open up take initiative and give his best in completing his self study and keep all in his ATRUM i.e. Any Time Ready To Use Memory.

efforts to be taken by Aacharya Academy for NDA Exam paper

In 2nd part we take efforts to bring his speed 1 Q/min Which is expected speed of solving questions in NDA paper. We also take efforts to increase stamina and problem solving ability. He has to solve 120 question in 150 min in Maths paper and 150 questions in 150 min in GAT paper.
In part 1 and part 2 we keep working on preparation for SSB tests. Personality will not change in few days it requires constant efforts to change it. Many a times there are false concepts which need to be corrected. coming out of fantasies, acceptance of importance of self efforts is necessary for his success. SSB is the test of his thoughts , his actions and his maturity.

Peper solving techniques

In the 3rd part student learns the paper solving techniques . He develops his own strategies , learn to Control panic situation. The mantra of this preparation is take tests, analyse the mistakes, find the improvements, polish the strategies and again take the tests.
We know that no programme is 100%. Hence we also analyse, find out the improvements, compete with ourselves and come up with new ideas to give better things to students. We are also changing to become fittest for new challenges.

Training for crash course

Training For crash course:

Crash course is a short duration course. It is quick preparation of NDA entrance exam.

It has two types :

a. Two Months course ( It is for them who have completed the theory leaning )

b. Six Months course ( It is for them who want revise the entire theory as per NDA requirement ) in six months

NDA written exam training

Step One is to revise all the theory as per the requirement of NDA written exam.

Step Two is the coaching of objective techniques for increasing logic of solving NDA written papers .

Step Three conduction of test series as per the NDA pattern . It gives lot of practice of solving the paper , time management and stamina.

The two months crash course is fast exam orientation programme. It points out all alert points of the exam ,discuss the skills of analysing and understanding the questions, methods of solving the questions and how to make strategies for the best outcomes. We also discuss the patterns of questions , paper and time management and many important facts which students need to understand to crack the exam .