About us

Aacharya Academy is situated in the heart of Pune city which has great heritage of education. Academy is surrounded by many reputed colleges , hostels and mess. This results in availability of excellent educational facilities and faculties. We are associated with such reputed college. The college has variety of subjects of students interest and choice such as vocational subjects Electrical maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance, Computer Science , Information technology and foreign languages.

Aacharya Academy started in 2000 and has completed successfully so many years of quality educational training. Our staff has increased from two faculties to 19 faculties and seven nonteaching staff. All the faculties are post graduate or doctorate in their concern subjects and have more than 20 years of teaching experience and experience of teaching for exams like NDA , CDSE , AFCAT etc. Every year we have achieved different goals and developed our groups and activities . We have the activities for development of student’s logical, scientific and social aptitude. We also conduct the programmes to develop the personality of students.
Aacharya Academy has achieved good results in NDA exam, Naval academy exam , CDS , AFCAT exam. Every year we are adding good results in our credit. We request you to visit our gallery of successful students.

From the year 2007, we have entered in the field of defence career entrance exams. We started our first batch of NDA entrance exam with only six students who were passionate about joining NDA. Their passion, hard work proved our method, planning & vision of teaching and for this small batch we got 100% result. All the six candidates got the SSB call. We are proud to say that our 1st officer (NDA merit 329) Lt Abhishek Karle 2nd Bihar regiment, next (NDA merit 47) Lt Narendra Saptnekar 2nd Jat regiment and first flying officer (NDA merit 11th for air force) Niranjan Deshmukh all are giving their services to the nation. From the year 2007 we have never looked back as almost in every exam we are having our atleast one student in merit list of NDA out of 6 lakh candidates appearing for the NDA exam. Getting in the merit list after crossing all the hurdles is really big achievement. We have got 100% results in next two written exams. It changed the focus of all to look at us. Our next target is to achieve100% result in coming written exams.

We get the valuable guidance from honourable Brig Pethe ex-pschycologist, col Vijay Naike & Prof. Prashant Bhirange. In addition to this coaching we have number of other activities which are leading us towards the goal of perfection. I am sure our students will definitely become good human beings and this is not a very small achievement.

This success taught us a lesson that every batch is not same . Hence we should compete with ourselves and do the good, innovative and new experiments to increase our teaching potential so that we can give the best to every student. We compete with ourselves to bit the new challenges.

We believe that every new batch comes with new exposure till their school education and hence it comes with new challenges for us. Thus it keeps us live and we keep upgrading our programme to meet the new requirements which results in increase of student’s success in exams.

Now we have good infrastructure and every year we add something to that but we add more to our ideas of giving best outputs. The consequence of this is resulting in improvements and increase in written results and SSB results. We have restricted our selves to a number so that we can pay attention to Every student.
We welcome all the students at Aacharya Academy . We will like to be your friend, guide and philosopher in giving shape to your dream.

Dream to be Officer in defence services Join us Aacharya Academy