About NDA (National defence Academy)

National Defence Academy - NDA

What is NDA ?

National defence academy is the training institute of young cadets to make them the brave heart officers of Indian armed forces.

Training at National Defence Academy-NDA

Training at NDA :

In this Institute future officers for all the wings - Army, Navy and Air Force are given basic military training, physical training and academic training. Here they complete their graduation in BE ,BSC, BCS or BA faculty. Cadets are made physically and mentally fit. They learn all military discipline and protocols.

Details of NDA training


The entire cost of training is born by Central government so students don`t have to pay any fees but he has to sign the bond that he will serve in Indian armed forces. After training .After completing 3 year training at NDA they go for one year service training as per the services they are allotted . Army cadets go to IMA Navy cadets go to NA and Air force cadets go to AFA. Here they complete one year training and Join Indian armed forces as officers

Location of National Defence Academy NDA

Location of NDA :

NDA is situated in Pune in Maharashtra near Khadakwasla dam. It spreads over thousands of acres land. Air force cadets in NDA are given basic flying experiences using super demona aeroplanes. In the back water of Khadakwasla dam at peacockbay Navy students learn the basic lessons of riding over water waves. In the mountains of sahyadri Army cadets learn to make the shields of there chest.

officers who become legend have got the training in NDA

Many officers who become legend have got the training in NDA . It includes wg cmr Rakesh sharma and many more . You will find the list of all of them in Hut of Remembrance . Now how to join such legendary academy is in the following information.

About NDA entrance exam

About NDA Entrance Exam

NDA entrance exam is conducted twice a year in the month of April and September Exact dates will be announced in the notification which comes in Nov/Dec and June/July. Every student with the dream of becoming officer in Indian armed forces gets his first chance after his 11th . He can appear for NDA entrance exam after his 11th std. exam and on clearing all the hurdles as given below his dream can come true.

Eligibility Criterion:

Age: 16 ½ to 19 ½ (Before joining NDA) 15 ½ to 18 ½ (For form filling) (This exam is a one year process hence form filling age is less by one year. Thus first attempt of NDA entrance exam for every student is after his 11th standard only.)

Number of chances Age criteria decides your number of chances to appear for the NDA test. To find your number of attempts do as following:

  1. Consider the month and year in which you are planning to appear for the test e.g. I want to give exam in September 2017

  2. Now subtract 18 years and six months from it. So September 2017 – 18 years = September 1999 September 1999 – 6 months = April 1999

  3. Thus as per NDA entrance exam age criterion Students born after 1st January 1999 and before 1st January 1999 + 3 years = 1st January 2002 can appear for this test Provided they are going to pass their 10 + 2 level exam in next year before Jun 2018

  4. Now suppose the student has birth date 15 October 2000 He has appeared for 11th exam in March 2017 then his number of attempts can be calculated as The year of passing 11th std. + 0.5 – 18.5 = x         x = 2017.5 – 18.5 = 1999

    Birth year – x = y       y = 2000 – 1999 = 1

    Number of attempts = 2y – 1 if birth date is on or before 1st July

    Number of attempts = 2y       if birth date is after 1st July      number of attempts = 2y = 4 as birth date is 15th Octobe

  5. Now if student is planning to take April 2018 attempt Hence subtracting 18 years and six months we get September 1999 . Hence as per NDA entrance exam criterion Students born after 1 st July 1999 and before 1st July 1999 + 3 years = 1st July 2002 can appear for this test Provided they are going to pass their 10 + 2 level exam before November 2018
NDA Exam Preparation at Aacharya Academy
NDA entrance exam caching in pune
Top NDA exam training institte in Pune
Educational qualification - Student should have cleared 10+2 level
For Army 10+2 any stream ( Science , commerce , Arts )
For Air Force & Navy 10+2 level with subjects Maths and Physics

For other eligibility criterions please refer the notification . We have given the main criterion only.

Exam Stages

NDA Exam Stages
  1. Form filling

  2. Appearing for written exam

  3. Result of written exam after 90days

  4. Those who qualify the written exam as per the cut-off criterion are recommended for next test SSB interview

  5. Those who are recommended in SSB shall undergo medical test

  6. Final merit list

  7. Joining NDA as per the merit list

Every student has his first chance of NDA exam when he completes his 11th and joins 12th(September attempt) unlike other exam which are generally after 12th ; NDA written exam is after 11th only. Student has to finish his study upto 12th standard in the beginning of 12th standard only

*About written exam

*About SSB

*About Medical

Aacharya Academy prepatory course for NDA entrance exam.

About NDA written exam

NDA written exam is objective type of exam .It is 900 marks test. It consists of two papers

1)Maths 300 marks    120 Questions     2 ½ Hrs duration 10:00am to 12:30pm

2) GAT 600 marks 150    Questions     2 ½ Hrs duration 2:00pm to 4:30pm

There arenegative marks for every wrong answer.

Both the papers are conducted on the same day.

details about NDA Exam

You can have your own choice of centre out of the given list of centres which are generally state capitals.

Papers are having considerable difficulty level. Also, unlike other competitive objective exams after 12th which have only 30 Questions, to be solved in 2Hrs, NDA exam have 120 for MATHs and 150 Questions in GAT to solve in almost same time. So students have to solve one question in 1 minute time and needs proper strategies to solve the questions.
In general syllabus of the exam includes all the syllabus from 8th to 12th standard and it has subjects Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, Geography, Polity, G.K. and current affairs. Students are requested to read the commissions notification for the detailed syllabus.

After 10th every NDA course for written exam has two parallel courses

  1. NDA course with theory + objective
  2. NDA course with objective

Theory course includes:

  1. Teaching of syllabus in detail i.e. actual concepts coaching as one does for 11th or 12th standard It also includes coaching for developing objective techniques followed by teaching of objective techniques and ample practice or problem solving.

  2. objective course contains objective techniques, teaching and practice of problem solving. This course is for those who have learned theory required for solving the questions.

NDA course for written exam 4months(Theory+Objective)
NDA +11th + 12th written exam course(Theory+Objective)
NDA course for written exam 1month full time. 3months part time.Crash course(Objectives)
NDA+12th (Theory + Objectives)

Note: All above details are just to give the outline idea about the exam to student . Though we try to pdate the changes Students are strongly advised to go through the UPSC`s notification from time to time for exact idea and to know if there are any changes in their policy . We do not take any responsibility.

NDA preparation courses :- As per students education , we have three types of courses to fulfil his requirements.

Target NDA batch:

  • Maximum results are given by this batch
  • After 10th the best time to join the course

  • 1 year or 2 year duration courses syllabus based batch
  • one year – full time     Two year – full/ part time

Starts from 1st May

  • 11th and 12th Syllabus of subjects
  • Maths , Phys. , Chem. Bio ( Optional )

  • English grammar, in subjective
  • Manner(i.e. as per 10 + 2board pattern )

  • 100 % NDA entrance exam theory
  • and objective Coaching All subjects
  • Spoken English course to meet
  • requirements of SSB

SSB coaching and personality development

  • Recommended for students appeared for 10th Exam
  • 40 Maths modules and 36 English sessions
  • to strengthen subject foundations and for
  • easiness of learning the theory

  • We provide platform of number of excellent
  • Outdoor and indoor activities which helps
  • in changing the stage confidence , management
  • skills , leadership qualities of the student.

What we cover in batch:

  1. Entire syllabus of NDA
  2. Test series as per new question paper patter
  3. Objective Ideas as per new question paper patter
  4. personnel guidance for proper strategy of solving pape
  5. Topic wise test to understand the proficiency in chapte
  6. Material as per new question paper patter
  7. coaching of English gramma
  8. Maths formulae kits

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Target NDA batch :-

  1. Starting preparations for NDA entrance exam after 10th exam is the best time to start. Fresh and tension free minds , ready to learn new ideas , enthusiast to see new horizons can give maximum time to develop own skills
  2. Science experiments and Maths magic to maintain vacation tempo
  3. 40 Maths modules and 36 English sessions with no syllabus and exam constrains to strengthen subject foundations and for easiness of learning the further theory. It grabs the hold on the subject.
  4. Give up traditional mug – up technique and learn proper memory techniques
  5. SSB test and written test emphasises on English and our experts make you comfortable in it
  6. What personality do you desire ? Leadership ability , logical thinking , Stage confidence , management skills and whatever else you can imagine ; we have the platform and activities , participate in it with your soul and body and carve out your dream personality.
  7. Assured results - Join our one month course in May and with our overall evaluation get assurance of results that you can get at the end of the our course and join our course with confidence \.
  8. Test series of 20 papers with complete guidance for planning and practicing paper solving strategy
  9. It includes all the features of all other courses

Integrated NDA Exam Preparation course :-

  1. In less amount of time gives thorough idea about the exam
  2. It covers theory of NDA syllabus as well as objective techniques to save problem solving time
  3. Test series of 20 papers with complete guidance for planning and practicing paper solving strategy

NDA Crash course :-

  1. Very short duration course
  2. It is good for those who have completed their 10 + 2 level comfortably
  3. It covers objective techniques to save problem solving time
  4. It gives complete idea of questions and problem solving
  5. Students start understanding language of the question and how to respond the question
  6. Ample practice of solving the questions
  7. number of practice tests
  8. complete assistance for form filling , documentation